The author interview is a time-honored way of not only promoting new books but also building the author’s brand in order to attract a loyal readership.  However, these interviews are something that not every author feels comfortable with since they are probably more used to working alone rather than being in the public eye. Here are some tips on how to make the author interview more comfortable.

1.    Learn how to relax. Although nervousness is natural during interviews, you can help alleviate it by focusing on the interviewer. Take a few deep breaths just before the start of the interview and don’t hesitate to pause slightly before answering questions. And keep a glass of water beside you and take occasional sips from it if you feel your throat getting dry.

2.    Help yourself stay at ease by wearing comfortable clothes. Don’t buy a new set of clothes for the interview that might make you uncomfortable but do dress well.

3.    Be enthusiastic but not overwhelmingly so.  Don’t talk over the host and take over the interview. Remember that this is supposed to be a conversation and not a monologue.

4.    Keep your answers concise, since long answers will not hold most people’s interest. But at the same time, don’t be terse to the point where you’re giving one or two sentence answers.

5.    Beware of spoilers but don’t be afraid to reveal details about your book. Remember that you have to grab the reader’s interest so they’ll buy your book.

6.    If you’re being interviewed by phone patch, remember that background noises will be amplified so eliminate ambient noises until the interview is over. For example, turn off your cell phone and shut off your air conditioner.

7.    Enjoy the interview. Have fun and don’t be afraid to be playful with the host. And don’t forget to thank the host afterwards.

8.    Don’t prepare for the interview by practicing jokes or trying too hard to be witty. Just be yourself and answer the questions naturally.

9.    Ask for a copy of the author interview afterwards so that you can study it and learn from your mistakes as well as identifying interesting bits of information that you can repeat in future interviews.


Free things in the current world are just but an accident of history. Today everything is being achieved through hardship but one service still offered for free to give a sigh of relief to people is free radio online. If one has access to internet, suffer no more whenever you want to listen to your channel of choice. There are so many radio stations which have opened online radio to cater for their listeners whenever not in the house to tune on to their favorite channels. The radios online provide music, news, sports, videos, download options and talks to the listeners.

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Once upon a time, a few years ago I had an internet connection in my house from my desktop computer. Now I use libraries and a wireless card, but when I had the internet so close by like that, I found myself fairly addicted to doing searches on the internet.

When I first started, I signed up for a few things and learned how much spam one can receive by the simple act of giving out your e-mail address. So I stopped doing that pretty quickly. I decided not to use the internet to enter contests or receive free offers, but I did find it to be a great information source. Better than a library in some ways! Though you do have to be careful to make sure what you are reading is a reliable source. I found a website about Chinese herbals, an in-depth astrology site, a cosmetics board with opinions and reviews from women who liked to experiment with make-up brands, and a writing site with an author interview.

This writing site was specifically a poetry site for amateur poets. Apparently you could win ten thousand dollars if you submitted a contest winning poem.

This sounded too good to be true. I decided not to enter any of their contests after my experience with spamming on sites where I submitted my name and e-mail address. I poked around using the site map for this writing site, and I found some good poems I enjoyed reading. Plus a lot of mediocre ones.

Even though I wouldn’t be a ten grand winner in their contest I still enjoyed looking around a site devoted to poets and poetry. They had pretty good taste, I thought, in the famous poets they talked about. Plus they let anyone try their hand at writing poems.

I returned to the herbal site because I needed to find some info. I worked on the same street as some Asian groceries in the ‘International District’. I liked to buy weird herbs and supplements and they were quite a good deal price wise.

I had recently seen an immunity boosting supplement where one of the ingredients was ‘gecko pienis’. I didn’t want to buy this if it was what it sounded like, which is how I ended up going on Chinese herb sites. I wanted to learn about the ingredient before I bought the supplement.

Unfortunately ‘gecko pienis’ turned out to be exactly what it sounded like. I didn’t want to eat that part of an animal in my herbal remedy so I was glad I had searched and knew I wouldn’t be buying that herbal mixture anytime soon. I went back to learning about writing, and astrology and make-up among other things. The internet is rather addictive I find, and I can easily wile away hours searching about subjects I like.


If you make your residence in a city then you never know who the strangers passing you by on any normal day might be.  As you wait for the bus, you might not know it but you might be waiting and then riding with a well known artist.  I play a game with myself where I watch people as if I am a sleuth and I try to remember the small details.  I have noticed odd things doing this.  One of the first things I noticed when I moved to a city was that it took me a while to realize that a fair number of the people who were out in the mornings waiting for the bus in the primarily gay neighborhood I lived in, were transsexuals.  Once you notice something such as this, it becomes hard not to notice it after that.

I went to college at a school that has spawned several famous writers, artists, animators and musicians.  I also went to a boarding arts high school where a fair number of students were the progeny of famous writers, actors, or musicians or ended up becoming famous later themselves.  The twin daughters of a famous French electronic musician attended that school and my boyfriend at the time was halfway in love with them from afar partly because they were beautiful and partly because he admired their dad.

One of my teachers there was in fact one of the famous writers I got to be around.  He was an odd man, not hugely famous, only somewhat famous and he was very enthusiastic about writing. This perked enthusiasm in his students of course, and it was why he was teaching he said.  He wanted to inspire others like he had been inspired, but earlier because he had come to writing rather late in his twenties.

One day to show us how a person should have passion for everything they do, he came to class in his fishing clothes including a pair of thigh high waders and a hat stuck all over with small fishing lures.  He was talking about love for an act and translating how he felt about fishing to how we should feel about writing.  It was very entertaining and I never forgot it.  It was an effective teaching method just because it was so out of the ordinary.  I always felt lucky to have met this man and I kept touch with him after I finished school.

Listen to free author interviews.


Young people these days have more choices available to them as far as media goes largely due to the internet.  It used to be that you had only a few radio stations that were based right in your area of the world that you could listen to.  These days if you listen to free radio online you are given a remarkably huge choice of different stations and music to explore.  I have gone online a few times when I had some open hours and I decided to do searches and keep at it and see what all I could come up with.

I found a lot of extraneous stuff that led nowhere but I also found some real gems as I searched.  I was excited about getting to listen to radio stations online what with all the diversity that is available.  Most of it is free which is wonderful but you have to be on the lookout for sites that try to trick you into spending money.  I wondered who has the time to sit around programming such things but with so many people in the world these days I guess anything’s possible.

A friend of mine who lives in another country is always trying to get me to hook up to one of those free sites where you can talk as if on a telephone to someone across the world by using a microphone hooked up to your computer.  He’s completely hooked up to technology for sure.  He’s always had a particular interest in technology so I’m not really surprised.  But he is always trying to get me to upgrade my various free chat programs and to try out new free services. It’s nice to have someone who is aware of a world of information try to share it with you but I guess I’m really a person happiest in a world where there is technology but also old school rituals and connections to nature. My friend seems to think I’m missing out but I like how I do things.  I can explore things if I desire to because there is so much to explore or I can just stick with what I’ve already found that I like.


I have more early childhood memories than most people I’ve talked to. I remember learning to walk, and I also remember learning to read by myself when I was about three and a half. My Mom was an early childhood educator so she knew I would learn to read if she read to me which she did a lot. I got frustrated with having to wait until it was convenient for her to read and she taught me my alphabet so I was able to learn the process fairly easily. Probably one of the first famous author interview that I loved was Dr. Seuss.

When I read ‘Hop on Pop’ which is mostly clever word play and rhymes, I gave my Grandpa a nickname. I figured that if my Dad counted as my ‘Pop’ that my Grandpa was naturally my ‘Pop Pop’. Everyone in our extended family called him ‘Pop Pop’ after that until the end of his life.

Even when I first learned to read I would fall in love with an author and try to read as many of their books as I could. I am still a big re-reader.

Another of  the famous authors I discovered in my childhood was Madeline L’Engle. My Mom used to purchase books for me if they had won a Nobel Prize. L’Engle won a couple of times so naturally,  I discovered her. She may be the reason that I fell headfirst into a love of fantasy writing that is still imbedded deep in my nature.

I was already a big appreciator of fairy tales and other such stories. Another of the famous authors I first found as one of my own favorites was the writer of the Narnia books, C. S. Lewis. I still re-read the series every so often.

I had chosen by the age of eight to hopefully be a writer myself one day. My third grade teacher used to criticize my habit of staying in during recess to read instead of playing with my friends. Reading was what I loved best.

We moved a lot, but one house that we lived in for a few years was situated close to an author, Jim Harrison. He is known for pieces such as the novella the screenplay ‘Legends of the Fall’ is based on. I thought that if a famous guy lived so close to us, and I was able to frequent the same restaurants he did, and if I wrote him later when I was a teenager and he wrote me back, it seemed like a possible dream to be a writer. He had done it and he wasn’t a far away unknown but someone who I knew a little.

I will continue to be a reader for the rest of my life, to appreciate the worlds that talented folk can dream. I can’t think of anything more enjoyable and I give thanks for those who inspire me.


I’ve had a lot of computer jobs. Typically one of the joys of working on a computer was I could listen to free radio online while I was at work. I’ve had great experiences with a couple of specific services. A while ago I had a job actually at a radio station with an online service. I scheduled ads and created a daily log the DJs used as they went through each programming hour. At the radio station anywhere you were in the building you could hear what was currently on-air. At your desk you could turn it off and since they played primarily indie rock at that time and I didn’t like it, many times I’d just pick things myself from their music library.

The radio station had morphed from a small college station into a fairly popular NPR music station. It had been listener funded and still was somewhat, but it was also funded by a museum run by a wealthy local. We had to constantly cycle ads for the museum because of that funding.

If you wanted, the station had a service where you could listen to radio online free all over the world. A friend from Seattle lived in Asia and he streamed the station in there. Because of the big time difference he only heard the nighttime broadcasts.

He thought the station was still as creative as it had always been.

Since I knew better I wished I could listen to radio online free for the night broadcasts too. I couldn’t of course, but there were no ads and DJs could play the music they personally selected.

In daytime the programming manager made each on-air DJ cycle specific numbers of songs from a group of CDs he selected.  These were currently popular CDs only. And the ads got more mainstream too even though as an NPR music station they had to use a list of guidelines.

I wasn’t the only one who stopped listening. Only indie rock fans continued to be excited by the station. I love music and like most styles except ironically much pop and indie rock. I got bored and frustration with the music at the station and after a while I needed to quit my job. As scheduler I had been given many perks. I got to see a lot of free concerts. I did miss that.

The concert choice got more restricted because of the limited genres they were now playing. My friend visited from Thailand and heard the prime time programming. He disliked it as much as I did. They may be different these days but I have not tried the station for a long time now.


In the past twenty years I’ve had many jobs using computers. This is usually a behind the scenes role, so I’ve been able to work and listen to free radio online.  I always enjoy finding new music. About five years ago I worked in what they call ‘traffic’ at a radio station. What that really means is scheduling advertising and working with the sales department. When I worked for the radio station I listened to it while I was at work. I wasn’t a huge fan of all the indie rock they had started playing around that time, so sometimes I just went into their fantastic music library and listened to my own selections at my desk.

This was a non-profit station, previously the university station. It was now largely funded by a wealthy local who owned a museum devoted to rock and roll. Many ad spots per day were dedicated to the museum due to the funding issue.

One specialty of the station was it’s free online service. You could listen to radio online free across the world. A friend from Seattle had moved to Thailand. Due to a big time difference he heard the night broadcasts during his daytime.

He thought the station still had diverse, eclectic programming.

Since I was often at the station in Seattle daytime I knew things had changed. I wished I could listen to radio online free like he could and hear only the night programming. Ads didn’t run at night and DJs were allowed to play any creative mix of music they wanted. It was much different in daytime.

During primetime programming or day, there was a shelf in the DJ booth containing CDs that got current airtime at local pop radio stations. The DJ was required to play a number of songs from them per hour. This was an NPR station but their ads got increasingly commercial though they still followed guidelines.

Only people who loved indie rock really continued listening to the station.  The live performances they hosted when I had my job there were mostly indie rock also. I prefer to listen to blues, hard rock, electronica and more. I became disenchanted with the station as time went by. I eventually quit much because of this. I did miss the perks such as going to free concerts.

It didn’t matter too much because as the station’s playlists became more limited, the choice of shows I could see also got limited. My friend in Thailand came to see me and heard the station while he was in Seattle. He said he was amazed by how bad it had gotten. It may be different these days but I haven’t checked.


Community used to be something that only occurred face to face.  You lived in your town and knew your extended family and your neighbors and the people who attended church and school with you.  Things were pretty inclusive and independence was harder to achieve.  People also received more help in making their living from the people in their community, because at that point that’s how it worked.  These days things are much more anonymous.  It is both freeing and isolating.  Most of the sense of community that many people seem to feel presently comes from online community sites where they post their updates and tell what is going on in their lives.  I have found these community sites a good place to reconnect with people I’ve lost touch with, something that is also easy to do in this divided world where we spend most of our time not seeing each other face to face.

I also have found these sites, especially one of the older ones, to be very useful for locating an online writer and musicians.  I have a bunch of my poetry posted on one of these sites, and I got quite a bit of feedback from other writers that way.  Online authors are all over the place and you can appreciate a stranger’s effort or you can read the online writing of your friends and family.  Most people post some kind of online writing.  When I first joined a community site I thought it was really fun to think about how to describe myself for others to see.  These days I don’t spend as much time on there, so I rarely post anything new.  I watch others post writing though, and it seems to be a good outlet for people doing nine to five jobs.  It helps people keep in touch.  And even if it is kind of a strange out branching of modern society and technology, there is a lot to be said for being in close touch with your loved ones.


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